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Seeing Around the Corner

Blog posts by Freedom Mortgage CEO Stanley C. Middleman

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Appreciate Each Moment

By now, I hope you have been busy achieving your goals and have created a few new ones to tackle. It’s a special treat to see the joy and satisfaction of our accomplishments.

It’s Spring!

Optimism is as normal as the buds on the trees. Hope and energy pervade the air. We are ready to go.

In Times of Change, Don’t be Afraid to Seize Opportunities

Interest rates have been fluctuating and it’s definitely higher than a mere few months ago. And it seems, interest rates will rise some more due to the war in Ukraine, which has also turned the market upside down.

Finding Momentum When the Going Gets Cold and Bleak

It’s February, the shortest month of the year with the chilliest of temperatures. During these dreary days, it can be enticing to hunker down and embrace the bleakness, and just wait for spring to arrive.

Setting Goals for The Coming Year

I hope each of our hopes and dreams come true. One way we do this is through things like setting New Year resolutions.

Get Ready for 2022

What a year it has been. We emerged from being locked down with a new appreciation for our personal freedom and the value of reconnecting with family and friends in person.

Honoring Our Veterans

November is a special month for me and for all of us at Freedom Mortgage. It’s not simply a day, but an opportunity to honor veterans throughout the month.

A Home Can Help You Build Your Wealth

Consistently since last year and into this year, we have seen home values go up as inventory continues to be at record lows.