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Happy Holidays!

Posted on Dec 14, 2022, 9:30:00 AM GMT

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

How lucky are we to live as we do in a world that allows us to sleep in a warm bed with a full stomach and a clear mind?

Our personal security is not in doubt, we don’t fear for our lives around every corner, and we can speak freely and express our views. We can manage, change, and improve our personal condition through our own efforts. How lucky are we?

Yet everyone, everywhere, all the time do not live in this way. It is up to us, the lucky ones, to try and improve our society—give the less fortunate a place to sleep, food to eat, and a chance to have a clear mind. By giving and volunteering we can help others experience less fear, more personal security, and a greater sense of well-being and happiness.

Then, how lucky would we all be?

Would there be less strife, or war, or illness, or homelessness, or hunger? The question is not how lucky are we, but rather, how lucky can we be?

Happy holidays to all of you and all you touch. I look forward to 2023—we have been pretty lucky to have lived through 2022!

Stanley C. Middleman
CEO President
Freedom Mortgage Corporation

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