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Showing our gratitude by serving our heroes

I look around and see blessings that are ours due to our Veterans – their impact is crystal clear on Veteran’s Day.

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Posted on Nov 1, 2020, 5:53:53 PM GMT

I can't help but be happy that it's November. I'm always uplifted by the month of November. Its energy is unlike any other, as our nation comes together to give thanks. And though we may be more separated during the holidays than usual this year, I am confident that we will support each other in new and meaningful ways. Families, friends and communities… all of us will take time to reflect and connect with an attitude of gratitude.

Even before Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, the November day that stirs appreciation within me is Veteran's Day. I look around and see blessings that are ours due to our Veterans – their impact is crystal clear on Veteran's Day. They are real life superheroes. And I'm so grateful for them.

Celebrating Veterans

For the team here at Freedom Mortgage, Veterans Day is significant.

Every year, on this day, our appreciation for the nation's military heroes comes to the surface more than ever. Of course, being conscious of our Veterans is a part of our Freedom DNA. This source of pride is embedded in our culture. That's why one of our main goals throughout the year is to assist veterans in the path to homeownership.

We approach every military client with respect and earnest care. Even though this is our everyday attitude, the national recognition of veterans this month is heartwarming, nonetheless. Seeing communities come together to show their thanks and love to this country's veterans is like an extension of the same energy we strive to bring to the table every day at Freedom Mortgage.

Adults, children and teens share their gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices made by Veterans and their families in service to our country. The nation comes together to reverberate the same message: “Thank you!”. This kind of resonance is profound. To me, it simply goes beyond words.

Coming Together

Looking around at the messages of thanks and recognition, I can't help but be humbled, awe-inspired, and motivated. It's my desire that Freedom Mortgage serves as a lasting catalyst for all the gracious sentiments expressed on Veterans Day. Serving veterans is our responsibility and mission. On Veterans Day, our entire team is invigorated with drive and passion, knowing that our work is pivotal and special.

Remembering the Value of Homeownership

It's humbling to know that during this past year, Freedom Mortgage has succeeded in assisting vets in achieving new horizons of financial wellness. Homeownership actively helps veterans and military personnel become a part of the fabric of their neighborhoods.

Stability, wealth generation, and the essence of ‘home' are all small tokens of appreciation that Freedom Mortgage strives to deliver. Each Veteran and their family are unique and deserving of the utmost care and attention. Our team is honored to be able to serve those who have served our country.

Veteran's Day reminds me of how fortunate the Freedom Mortgage family is to have become the nation's #1 lender for veterans. We are here because we care deeply. Giving our best is the absolute least we can do for our country's real-life superheroes.

Driving Our Mission

Since we're always pushing to do more, to solve any obstacles that we may face, our company has adopted a passion-driven resilience that has allowed us to foster immense growth.

Personally, I couldn't ask for more. I love the work we do, and I feel good knowing that on the other side of the deal is a recipient whose life just got a little better because of what we delivered. Helping veterans feel comfortable and confident by neutralizing some of their worries is what we do. When our clients come to us with stress, we're able to flex our capacity and take responsibility for creating a better situation for them and their families.

Freedom Mortgage Thanks YOU

It's truly amazing how healing homeownership can be following active duty. Whether it's in the day-to-day commitment to duty or at the end of a proud career, owning a home can relieve much of the stress that all too often burdens our military heroes.

If we're able to take away even a little of that hardship and transform it into something positive – and better yet, flip the entire situation on its back and convert the losses into wins – then we've done exactly what we set out to do.

Our work at Freedom Mortgage is driven by heart. We're in it, we're with you, and we pledge to always stand by our veterans, to whom we owe unending thanks. We need you. We appreciate you, and we celebrate you. Enjoy Veterans Day to its fullest, veterans. You deserve it.

Stanley C. Middleman
CEO President
Freedom Mortgage Corporation

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Veteran employees of Freedom Mortgage with members of the Employers Support of The Guard and Reserve (ESGR) committee
Honoring our veterans

November is a special month for me and for all of us at Freedom Mortgage. It’s not simply a day, but an opportunity to honor veterans throughout the month.

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