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Never stop learning

It’s back-to-school season and many children across the nation are already in class while others are getting ready to start the school year.

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Posted on Aug 20, 2021, 10:45:00 AM GMT

It’s back-to-school season and many children across the nation are already in class while others are getting ready to start the school year. I’m so proud of my team, our external partners and friends who contributed and made our fundraiser for USO (United Service Organizations) such a success.

The money raised enabled nine USO centers across the country to purchase brand new backpacks and school supplies for the children of active-duty military, National Guard members, and Reservists. Freedom Mortgage is excited to assist in keeping military children connected to family, home, and country. It warms my heart that Freedom Mortgage has a hand in equipping more than 4,800 children with the necessary tools to support the new lessons they will learn in school.

Even when you cease attending school, it’s important to continue learning. When you keep learning, you improve. You may develop an idea to refine your craft/plan or an insight to seize on an opportunity. At Freedom Mortgage, we have a heavy focus on learning, including providing our employees webinars and online training, so they are aware of changes with the industry or with certain loans. The ongoing training positions our loan officers as experienced professionals, ready and able to assist our customers applying for a mortgage.

I just finished reading “Bully Pulpit” by Doris Kearns Goodwin. This book invites the reader to compare and contrast current events with those of another era. The risks and opportunities are remarkably similar, as are many of the strategies and tactics in dealing with a changing society.

While learning can come from books, online or in-person classes, you can certainly learn from your peers, colleagues, and mentors.

Learning never ends. Learning enables each of us to evolve as a person and can provide great clarity in otherwise troubling times. Having a broader perspective and understanding can only enhance decision making and aid personal growth.

Stanley C. Middleman
CEO President
Freedom Mortgage Corporation

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