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The Zoom Room - the new boardroom

Last year’s circumstances initiated massive reforms to business as usual. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, business models from all over the world were disrupted.

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Posted on Feb 3, 2021, 4:45:00 PM GMT

Last year’s circumstances initiated massive reforms to business as usual. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, business models from all over the world were disrupted. No industry was exempt from this global shift. The situation was beyond anyone’s wildest dreams - and yet, here we are.

Looking back, it’s clear that we at Freedom have grown and adapted as a result of the unforeseen events of last year. We were forced outside of our comfort zones until further notice. In the meantime, we’ve discovered ways to move forward in the face of continuing uncertainty.

While each situation is unique, technology was the savior of 2020 for so many. Technology enabled us to continue with our normal routines - only in a totally new way. For students, this meant taking online classes and attending digital lectures. For businesses, this meant adopting a tech-powered project portal and navigating out-of-office teams.

Oh, and we can’t forget Zoom. Video conferencing was a saving grace last year. It kept us connected even when we were apart. But, the utility and efficiency of Zoom modified our culture and won’t fall out of favor when the threats to health and safety have finally passed. Instead, I think that they’re here to say.

Following the Flow: 2020’s "New Normals"

Zoom meetings may have started out as a necessary evil, but they didn’t stay that way for long.

For professionals, Zoom has become the new boardroom. This is one of the many "new normals" initiated by the pandemic. I’ll admit it: at first, the transition to Zoom was bizarre. The circumstances were crazy, getting the hang of it was tough, and adapting to the remote model took some time.

However, I can’t say that I wasn’t thankful for the technology.

I always opt for gratitude, remember? When I think about the transition to Zoom, I’m thinking about all the laughter, smiles, and hard work my team and I shared at our virtual-meetings. I’m thinking about all the pets I met and family members that popped on to say hello. I’m thinking of all the growth we fostered on those calls.

Without Zoom, my team wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all that we did last year. I’m sure that is true for businesses around the globe. Zoom solved a key problem amid a crisis.

For me, I couldn’t have asked for a better solution to the social distancing concerns that continue to prevent us from gathering.

It looks like Zoom is here to stay… so it’s about time we all worked on upping our Zoom skills.

6 Tips for Fighting Zoom Fatigue

Zoom is indeed helpful, but it can be fatiguing. Engaging with technology can cause wear and tear. The experts recommend a number of steps to stay upbeat and refreshed after long hours on Zoom:

Stay Hydrated

Believe it or not, staring at a computer screen for hours on end can dehydrate you. However, since we’re sitting still, it’s easy to forget to drink water. Make sure that you’re keeping up with your water intake to support your body’s natural processes. Remember to supplement your coffee with extra water to stay refreshed and ready to go.

Pay Attention to Posture

If you're hunched over and slouching, Zoom calls will be uncomfortable. Investing in good, ergonomic desk equipment will help support your posture so you can stay strong for longer. Remember, sitting up straight helps you keep to your A-game.

Get Up and Move

Just because we’re Zooming doesn’t mean we have to sit still. Of course, you don’t want to be distracting - but you can always get up and move around. Stretching, walking, and moving your body will prevent you from getting stagnant. Staying too still too long will make you bored, tired, and will interrupt your focus.

Invest in Blue Light Protection

If your eyes feel fatigued from Zoom, blue light protection will help you. Blue light glasses, screen filters, and even brightness settings allow you to manipulate your blue light exposure. This tip is especially helpful for people who get headaches from using the computer.

Take Breaks

Breaks are a necessity on Zoom. Take a break when you need one - it will help improve your performance. When we were in the office, there were little breaks throughout the day that broke up the workflow. At home, this may not be the case. Cultivate greater balance by taking a few minutes every couple of hours for yourself. When you get back to work, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.

Have Fun!

Laughter is the best medicine. When you’re feeling tired and unenthused, remember who’s on the other side of the call. It’s your team - people you know and admire. Have fun with them and make the workflow seamless! It’s a sure path to greater productivity.

Stanley C. Middleman
CEO President
Freedom Mortgage Corporation

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