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Embracing change

Whether we like it or not, change is always around the corner. Change is the basis of each of our lives.

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Posted on Jan 3, 2021, 8:43:27 PM GMT

What is your relationship with change?

Whether we like it or not, change is always around the corner. Change is the basis of each of our lives. However, many people fear change and avoid it at all costs. Of course, these efforts will always prove futile since change happens no matter what. Whether you cling or let go, change will come.

Change doesn't skip over any of us. The real question we are all accountable for is this: will we embrace change? Or, will we fight it?

Befriending Change

If you know me, you know what my answer is. Embracing change is always the way to go. So how can we do this?

The way I see it, improving your relationship with any change lies in your perspective. Change brings about the best - but it also is the harbinger of things that we don't like. However, we can't blame the larger phenomena of change for anything that pushes us beyond our comfort zones.

Change makes us happy and sad. We laugh and cry because of change. I think it's impossible to think of change as a negative thing - simply because change is what shapes the best moments of your life.

Change is evolution, expansion, and exploration. When we say yes to change, we're opening the door to new possibilities. On the other hand, saying no to change could mean doing something that you'll regret later.

Even though it seems like a safe bet, opting for stagnation in fear of change isn't always the best choice. There may be a surprise lying behind a new change, but I'd rather live the experience than stay the same.

Whether we label change as good or bad, it's inevitably going to make us grow. For me, that's what life is all about.

Thinking about it this way can help make change less daunting and more positive. Change activates the best versions of ourselves. If you want to live your dreams, you need to say yes to change. After all, it's what will bring you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Why Is Embracing Change Important?

It's not always simple - or easy - to embrace change. I often hear people even asking if it's even necessary. Of course, I say YES. Change is at the heart of life. It's our only constant, it's the only thing we can depend on, and it's always going to happen.

Change is inevitable, so why run away? Avoiding change is like swimming upstream. The opposition is unyielding. The fight is long, exhausting, and unnerving. When you choose to fight change, you're wasting your efforts on a losing battle. Instead of resisting, following the flow of change will be a better expression of your energy.

Embracing change builds futures, but fighting change tries to break them down.

My Advice for Embracing Change

Here are a few rapid-fire tips for embracing change:

Let Go of What You Think You Know

Embracing change is all about openness. Sometimes, we don't know everything about a situation - but we shouldn't fear the unknown. Being uncomfortable is a part of change. The growing pains mean that something new is coming. We all need to practice being comfortable while we're uncomfortable.

Dropping our preconceived notions and ideas will help us to see past our limits and say yes to change.

Be Ready to Be Surprised

Don't expect things to turn out the way that you anticipated. Often, things unfold in surprising ways. When we look at things from our limited perspectives, we don't have all the information. This takes us back to the concept of “letting go.” Be open to surprises.

When surprises upend our own expectations, it's worth it. Even if we're scared, it's better to embrace the unknown than to reject it.

Prepare for the Worst, but Manifest the Best

You never want to be caught off guard by change. Staying prepared means paying attention, being ready to pivot, and thinking two steps ahead of the game. However, you don't need to think that the worst is surely coming. Prepare for the best, too. Beyond hoping for the best, take tangible actions to set yourself up for success.

We don't hold total control, but we can make a substantial difference.

Welcoming Change Now in The New Year

Embracing change was fundamental for my 2020 survival strategy. 2020 served up change on a silver platter. Although it was hard, I can now see how much growth the difficulties fostered. In my business and personal life, I'm a stronger person now than I was a year ago.

As we usher in 2021, more changes will be coming. We know that. Don't fight it! Capitalize on it! Give yourself the advantage and embrace the changes - and then watch how smoothly the transition unfolds.

Stanley C. Middleman
CEO President
Freedom Mortgage Corporation

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