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Cool off with these summer activities

Find new ways to enjoy your time outside this summer

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Posted on Jul 15, 2021, 1:11:30 PM GMT

Summer has finally arrived! Now that the warmer months are here, we’ve collected some ideas for you to hang out with family and friends but stay cool at the same time.

Catch a wave at the beach

Splashing in the water is a great way to stay cool and still have fun. The beach may heat up, but you can still make the most of the sunshine with the proper sun protection. Get a beach-friendly shade, large umbrella, or tent to protect yourself from the hot sun. A portable fan can also give you some extra cooling beyond the nice sea breeze when you’re relaxing on the warm sand. Don’t forget the sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses.

Give your car a wash

Knock something off your to-do list and stay cool at the same time! Grab two buckets of water: one with car soap and the other with clean water. If you have a hose, start by spraying the entire car to remove that first layer of dirt. Work from the top of your car down and use a soft towel or wash mitt.

Have a water party at home

Don’t want to stray too far from the comfort of your home and air conditioning? Turn on the hose or sprinkler and throw a backyard water party. Find a few hydrating party activities like squirt pistols, water balloons, and a lawn water slide. Feeling crafty? Try water balloon painting or ice dying t-shirts. For tykes and toddlers, use a water-focused play table or kiddy pool, which are sure to make a splash at your backyard extravaganza.

Try an outdoor cinema

Enjoy the thrill of the movie theater in a park or even in your own backyard! Some cities and towns organize family-friendly outdoor movie screenings in public parks. Search online for local events aimed at moving the theatrical experience outdoors. If there aren’t any open-air screenings in your neighborhood, set up a home theater in your yard. With a projector, screen (you can also use a white sheet or the side of your house), and blankets or chairs for seating. That way, you can enjoy some fresh-air movies with friends and family.

Chill out at the mall

Meet up with friends or take a stroll at a mall near you. It’s cool, has accessible bathrooms, food options, and designated locations for relaxing and resting. A visit to your local mall will only cost whatever you want to buy at the stores you visit, so it can be a relatively inexpensive way to stay cool and get in your steps for the day.

Refresh yourself at a water park

Splash over to your local water park. This might involve an outing to a large park with plenty of slides and pools, but it can also mean a visit to a local swim club or family-friendly pool. Some municipalities have neighborhood parks with water features like sprinklers and splash pads for younger children.

Make a trip to the museum

Cool off while you learn something new. Many museums are air-conditioned and are happy to welcome visitors. Art, science, natural history, and maritime museums are a great way to stay cool and keep young and old minds active at the same time. Children’s museums typically offer hands-on or interactive exhibits, which can make learning feel like playtime.

Visit your local library

Reading and books are cool! Many local, air-conditioned libraries host events for adults and kids—including concerts, book clubs, story time, lecture series, and more. This can be good way to get out of the heat and interact with other people in your neighborhood or city. Events are posted online and some are free, while others require an RSVP to secure a seat for a nominal fee.

Stay cool and enjoy the summer season!

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