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How to throw a safe end of summer bash

Take part in all that the summer season has to offer

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Posted on Aug 20, 2020, 12:00:00 PM GMT

It’s been a challenging few months having to keep socially distant during the pandemic, but still trying to take part in all that the summer season has to offer. If you’re looking to close out the summer of 2020 with a bang, here are safe ways to plan an outdoor party that everyone can enjoy. But before the party starts, you first need to do some prepping to keep you and your guests safe.

  • Space it out. Give all of your guests their own seating area around your yard where they can sit socially distant, but still talk safely. Put out enough chairs for family groups to sit together in their area with a table to place drinks and snacks. If it’s easier, you may want to ask guests to bring their own chairs. Make sure to follow local guidelines for how many people can gather outdoors and also make sure you have enough space in your yard to give everyone the room they need.
  • Serve it separately. Give each family individual platters of food/snacks to eat or get pre-packaged, so no one needs to share food with others outside their family circle. Guests could also bring their own food and have a picnic-style party.
  • Supply safety. Make sure you have an area for guests to access safety supplies such as hand sanitizer, so they don’t need to go into your house to wash their hands. You can also pick up individual wipes and put those on each table, so it’s easy to clean hands before eating. In addition, have extra face masks on hand for guests who may have forgotten.
  • Make it disposable. If guests have to use the bathroom, put out disposable towels, so everyone doesn’t have to share the same hand towels. You can get them in fun, festive patterns and designs and don’t forget to put out extra soap. While it’s not very environmental, it’s best to also use disposable utensils, plates and cups as well, so guests can just toss what they use and you don’t have to worry about clean up.
  • Communicate expectations. Make sure you’re clear with what guests should bring and how you are taking efforts to protect their safety. You can even stagger times, so not everyone shows up all at once.

Once you’re set up for safety, here are some fun ideas to create a memorable gathering that everyone can enjoy:

  • Light it up. Add to the ambiance of the party with some mood lighting. Hang lanterns, string lights, or put flameless candles around the property. To ward off the mosquitos, you can add citronella candles to serve both purposes.
  • Blast the tunes. Use a wireless speaker or bring out your smart home system speaker to play some music during the party. You can even ask guests who are musically talented to bring their instruments, so everyone can jam together.
  • Bring out the games. There are a number of games you can play to make everyone feel closer together such as Bingo, charades, or lawn games like horseshoes or Bocce ball where you have separate teams.
  • Don’t forget the kids. If kids are in tow at your outdoor bash, you can make it fun for them by setting up activities to keep them busy. For those interested in art, have chalk available to make pictures on the driveway, get out some paint to decorate rocks or shells, build bird houses, or tie dye t-shirts. For more active kids, distant activities such as throwing water balloons, playing soccer, kickball or hide and seek can keep them running around. In the evening, an outdoor movie with individual bags of popcorn and a fire pit with s’mores can keep children happy and entertained.

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the summer!

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