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How to enjoy a romantic evening at home any time

Follow these tips to enjoy a romantic evening at home that won’t break your heart or your budget!

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Posted on Feb 5, 2020, 8:14:17 PM GMT

Why celebrate Valentine’s Day just once a year? Follow these tips to enjoy a romantic evening at home that won’t break your heart or your budget!

Mix a fancy cocktail

Most cocktails are easy to make from a few simple ingredients. Mix up a special drink or open a nice bottle of wine. It’s easy to make fancy non-alcoholic drinks too with fresh fruit and sparkling water.

Make a playlist

With streaming services, you have worlds of music at your fingertips. Create a playlist that expresses how you feel about the person you love or reminds you of happy times in your relationship.

Cook a meal together

Keep dinner simple unless you are an adventurous chef. Complicated recipes that take three hours to prepare might leave you grouchy instead of happy.

Order a meal, set the table

Don’t love to cook? Order delivery from your favorite restaurant and serve it on your best dishes. Set the table, light candles, put flowers in a vase. Nothing puts the “pizzazz” in pizza or the “pow” in Kung Pao Chicken like a beautiful table.

Don’t forget the chocolate

Science agrees, chocolate is the food of love! Have a few chocolates handy or make a simple dessert of chocolate fondue and fruit.

Be the one that cleans up

If your significant other usually does the dishes, now is the moment for you to jump up and clean up.

Sit together

If you have a fireplace, light a fire. If the weather is nice, sit outside. Snuggle on the couch. Once you are sitting together, turn off your phone, and really pay attention to each other.

Watch a movie

Services like Netflix and Amazon have plenty of romantic movies all year round.  Pick one or two or three films you’ve been wanting to see and get watching.

Include the kids

If you have younger children, your stay at home evening probably needs to include them. Plan a family craft activity or a game night that everyone can enjoy.

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