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Welcome to the Freedom Mortgage Blog!

Your source for home owner information, advice and tips.

Woman reading from laptop inside home
Illustration of a home interior with areas that need protecting
Help keep your home running and your budget protected

Get an online quote today and find the plan that's right for you!

Father cleaning home with son and daughter
Sensible spring-cleaning tips for the whole family

Consider these suggestions on how you can make your home more cheery, healthy and tidy.

Family on porch in front of home
Winterization tips around the house

When winter means cold and snow, we have ways you can stay comfortable and save money.

Couple looking at laptop in kitchen
9 ways to make your home more energy efficient

Here are small ways and big ways to save energy in your home.

Couple playfully feeding each other sushi
How to enjoy a romantic evening at home, anytime

Simple and budget-friendly ideas for celebrating with someone you love

Group of 4 women laughing while hiking
Cozying Up Your Home for Company During the Holidays

Our top tips for sprucing up your space this season.

Kitchen with bright lights
How to Brighten Your Home

Find new ways to make your home feel brighter during any season

Group of 4 women laughing while hiking
Fall Activities to Do at Home

The leaves are changing colors, so it’s time to break out the pumpkin spice!

Autumn decorations with sign that says Hello Fall
6 Festive fall decorating tips

Get into the spirit of the season with these decorating ideas that will spice up the look of your home.

Group of 4 women laughing while hiking
Tips for Hosting Festive Holiday Dinners

We’re here to give you the scoop on how to impress your guests without too much effort or expense.

Group of 4 women laughing while hiking
National Smart Home Day

All the information you need about how you can use smart technology and products in your current home.

Group of 4 women laughing while hiking
End-of-summer party ideas

Plan a summer sendoff with these fun themes, games, and food

Photo of home interior
Stay cool, save cash with these simple summer tips!

Stay cool and save energy with these easy, practical ideas. Homeowning tips from Freedom Mortgage.

Photo of someone making a holiday wreath
Eco-friendly holiday decorations and gift ideas

Here are some “green” décor ideas for all the upcoming holidays you may celebrate including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

Group of 4 women laughing while hiking
Cool off with these summer activities

Find new ways to enjoy your time outside this summer

Photo of table with various grilled vegetables and meats
Backyard cookouts - A new flip on summertime staples

It's time to grab the tongs, knot your apron, and stoke the fire: cookout season is here.

Mother and daughter doing yard work
The big spring sweep up

Spring is the perfect time to get moving with an outdoor project after a long, cozy winter.

Woman painting interior wall with roller
DIY home improvement: What to tackle, and what to avoid

Take a closer at your living space to see about making improvements

Image of food cooking on a grill
8 Memorial Day BBQ and backyard fun ideas

Make the most of the unofficial start of summer with fun activities and yummy food in the comfort and safety of your backyard.

Mother, father and son gardening
Vegetable gardening for beginners: What you need to know

Part of the appeal of being a homeowner is the outdoor living space you can now enjoy.

Photo of home interior
10 easy ways to freshen up your home

Check out our easy tips for freshening up your home in the New Year!

Photo of notepad with New Years Resolutions written at top
New Year’s resolutions for the home

Prioritize your living space in the New Year!

Family of four in living room making roof shape with hands
10 easy ways to make your home more safe and secure

You don't need to buy expensive home security and monitoring systems to make your home more safe.

Man mulching his backyard garden
Outdoor DIY ideas for Summer

Elevate how you enjoy the outdoors this summer with these DIY projects.

Couple looking at paint swatches next to wall
7 spring home renovation projects

Spring is a great time to get started on new home renovations.

Renovations Madness game title graphic
Renovations madness game

Which home improvements are the best investment?

Couple on couch looking at tablet
Discover how to set up automatic recurring payments to Freedom Mortgage

You can enjoy the convenience of having your payment automatically deducted from your bank account, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Man looking through bills and statements
My loan has been "Sold." What does that mean?

It's natural to wonder what it means when the servicing rights to your loan are "sold" to a new servicer.

Reach Higher

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024!

Thank you!

As the year wraps up, this is the perfect time to thank those in our lives for their help, guidance, or collaboration

Focus on What Matters

What have you accomplished and what do you plan to complete before the end of the year?

Do You Know Yourself?

What are your strengths and weaknesses at work?

Are You Motivated?

You can start anything at any point in time, you just need to take action.

Importance of Being a Lifelong Learner

In order to achieve your goals, you have to always push yourself to learn.

Make Your Dreams Come True

Dream your dream. We all have dreams, but not many do the work to make them come true.

Balance Is Key

While it is important to hit your goals, it's necessary to balance our work and personal lives.

Choices and Decisions

Throughout our lives we face many challenges and make innumerable decisions and choices.

Are You Achieving Your Goals?

How does one achieve? It starts with you. If you don’t believe in you, who will?

Be Your Best in 2023

Personally, heading into a new year always has two fundamental components.

Happy Holidays!

How lucky are we to live as we do in a world that allows us to sleep in a warm bed with a full stomach and a clear mind?

It’s Time to Slow Down a Bit and Give Back

Often, we are too busy with our own personal goals and priorities that we may miss what could turn out to be an important event.

Image of an open window leading to a sunny outdoors
Outlook: Sunny with a Hint of Inflation

Right now, there’s a lot going on in the world—war, disease, economic issues abound, social unrest. So, what is sunny?

It's Time to Reassess and Start Planning for 2023

Now is the perfect time to refocus and begin driving towards your year-end goals

Obtaining your goals

Outcomes being pursued can vary widely depending on the individual and each demand their own tactics.

Leaders built our country

Optimism is as normal as the buds on the trees. Hope and energy pervade the air. We are ready to go.

Military mom coloring with daughter, Rucksacks to Backpacks logo
Have a nice summer!

As we head into summer and host barbecues in our backyards, get away to beaches, and reunite with family and friends, let’s remember to give thanks.

Man watering garden with grandchild
Appreciate each moment

It’s a special treat to see the joy and satisfaction of our accomplishments.

Spring title illustration
It’s Spring!

Optimism is as normal as the buds on the trees. Hope and energy pervade the air. We are ready to go.

Photo of stacked rocks with the words decide, commit, focus and succeed
In times of change, don’t be afraid to seize opportunities

Interest rates have been fluctuating and it’s definitely higher than a mere few months ago.

Mountain road with the word Start and an arrow leading forward
Finding momentum when the going gets cold and bleak

During these dreary days, it can be enticing to hunker down and embrace the bleakness, and just wait for spring to arrive.

Laptop, glasses, pen and a notepad with 2022 goals
Setting goals for the coming year

I hope each of our hopes and dreams come true. One way we do this is through things like setting New Year resolutions.

Gold balloons spelling out 2022
Get ready for 2022

We emerged from being locked down with a new appreciation for our personal freedom and the value of reconnecting with family and friends in person.

Veteran employees of Freedom Mortgage with members of the Employers Support of The Guard and Reserve (ESGR) committee
Honoring our veterans

November is a special month for me and for all of us at Freedom Mortgage. It’s not simply a day, but an opportunity to honor veterans throughout the month.

Magnifying glass examining a toy house on a stack of coins
A home can help you build your wealth

Consistently since last year and into this year, we have seen home values go up as inventory continues to be at record lows.

Photo of an employee desk at Freedom Mortgage with a sign reading Proceed as if success is inevitable
4 Keys to building endurance

It’s back-to-school season and many children across the nation are already in class while others are getting ready to start the school year.

Image of a teachers desk with books, an apple, and colored pencils
Never stop learning

It’s back-to-school season and many children across the nation are already in class while others are getting ready to start the school year.

Image of a trophy and gold confetti
The importance of giving praise and recognition

This is truly a wonderful time because our country is returning to normal, finally.

Image of Graduates celebrating
Advice for everyone (especially recent graduates)

After more than a year of uncertainty, social distancing and confinement to our homes, it’s nice to go out and see streets filled with people again.

Row of homes with American flags
We support those who protect our freedoms

May is Military Appreciation Month and here at Freedom Mortgage supporting the military, especially veterans, is something we do every day because it’s a part of our DNA.

Child in business suit with jet plan wings imagining flight
Be your own extraordinary force

The way I see it, no one really likes change. However, we all have the power to improve the way we perceive the very nature of change.

Resilience title illustration

I've heard a lot of talk about resilience in the sphere of business - especially after the tough year we had in 2020.

Image of multiple business people with hands held in center of circle
Nurturing top talent and keeping it on your team

Personally, I think that successful teams are built by the combination of strong leadership and talented members.

Image of a large Zoom meeting video screen
The Zoom Room - the new boardroom

Last year’s circumstances initiated massive reforms to business as usual. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, business models from all over the world were disrupted.

Golden Rule title illustration
Leading with the Golden Rule in mind

Change is the basis of each of our lives. However, many people fear change and avoid it at all costs.

Embracing Change title graphic
Embracing change

Whether we like it or not, change is always around the corner. Change is the basis of each of our lives.

Closeup of holiday cookies being made
Coming home for the holidays

The warmth and anticipation that comes along with the holiday spirit is priceless. Families, friends, and loved ones gathering, celebrating each other, and counting blessings...personally, I can't think of anything more magical.

American flag against a multicolored sky
Showing our gratitude by serving our heroes

I look around and see blessings that are ours due to our Veterans – their impact is crystal clear on Veteran’s Day.

Photo of Stanley C. Middleman, CEO and President of Freedom Mortgage Corporation
The decision to grow: the moment of go

I've been asked how I knew when it was time to invest in order to be in a position to grow, perhaps because many other companies were not able to handle the demands that the market presented this year.

Photo of Stanley C. Middleman, CEO and President of Freedom Mortgage Corporation
30 years of offering 30 year mortgages

You learn a lot when you build a mortgage business and lead a team over thirty years of mortgage ups and downs.