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The First Go Paperless Sweepstakes Winners!

Posted on May 18, 2021, 2:00:00 PM GMT
Emma and Sam smiling for a picture

Meet the winners of our new Go Paperless sweepstakes! Sam and Emma, who own a home in the Pittsburgh area, won one full month of mortgage payments completely covered by Freedom Mortgage.

In fact, Sam and Emma have converted to 100% digital billing with the new Go Paperless initiative from Freedom Mortgage. Freedom Mortgage’s Paperless system offers convenient 24/7 online access to your documents, creates a secure electronic hub for your information, and sends out email alerts when important e-documents are ready for review.

Sam and Emma recently joined the Freedom Mortgage family after purchasing their home and it has been smooth sailing ever since. Sam specifically notes that there have been no surprises with Freedom Mortgage—except for winning the sweepstakes!

Sam has enjoyed the digital flexibility of the Paperless initiative. In his own words: "I actually like the online system better now that we’ve switched. I can check the balance on the principal and escrow and see all previous payments easily in one place."

The happy winners of the Go Paperless sweepstakes plan to use their prize to pay down the principal on their loan, but also put a portion aside for a new addition: their first child! With the winnings, Sam and Emma can get a jump on upgrading their new nursery.

Learn more about the advantages of using our Paperless digital billing and payment system. Going Paperless is simple, free, environmentally friendly and can save you time and energy every month! It only takes three easy steps and may lead to a win in the new Go Paperless sweepstakes. Learn more about the benefits of going Paperless.

Be on the lookout for other email exclusive sweepstakes offers asking you to Go Paperless, so make sure you’re subscribed.

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