Understanding Your Monthly Mortgage Statement

Capture 400x200 - Understanding Your Monthly Mortgage Statement
July 11, 2018

Your billing statement has a great deal of information to help you understand your mortgage. To get acquainted with different parts of your mortgage statement, watch this informative video.  Looking for a little more detail? Read below for a more in-depth look at your mortgage statement. We’ve organized it by sections. Freedom Mortgage Contact Information This section of your mortgage statement provides contact information for our Customer Care team,…


Why do I Need a Home Appraisal?

July appraisal1200x630 400x200 - Why do I Need a Home Appraisal?
July 2, 2018

Let’s take a closer look at appraisals. When you find the home of your dreams and are ready to make an offer, your mortgage lender needs assurance that the place you are interested in is worth the money you wish to offer for it. This is where an Appraiser, usually a qualified 3rd party contractor, comes in. Style and Selling Points: The appraiser looks at the general design and architectural…


Why would a psychology major start a career in Financial Services?

Why would a psychology major start a career in Financial Services?
March 2, 2018

While reviewing applicants for our First Flyer career development program, Freedom Mortgage was pleased to see a wide-range of college majors interested in joining the team. In fact, most candidates we see hold degrees (or are working toward them) in fields that have nothing to do with finance, accounting or business. “I’d say one of our most popular degrees for our First Flyer program is actually Psychology” said Zenobia Littlejohn,…


The New Closing Process: What Borrowers Need to Know

The New Closing Process
October 5, 2015

The Consumer Financial Protection Board changed the closing process for all loans originated after October 3, 2015. Here is how these changes will affect you. Benefits The changes were designed to make it easier for consumers to understand important information about their new mortgage, and to give them more time to review documents. Consumers are now informed earlier in the process how much cash they need to bring to closing….