How to Use Your Home Equity – Plan a Splurge in 2019

Using Your Home's Equity in 2019 - Freedom Mortgage Blog
January 28, 2019

  Before understanding what you can do with your home equity, it’s important to understand if it’s the right time to take equity out. If you’re like most homeowners, you had to borrow money to buy your home, so you understand the importance of making on-time mortgage payments each month. Typically, in the early years of a home loan, a larger portion of your payments will cover mostly interest. The…


Understanding Your Monthly Mortgage Statement

Capture 400x200 - Understanding Your Monthly Mortgage Statement
January 23, 2019

Your billing statement has a great deal of information to help you understand your mortgage. To get acquainted with different parts of your mortgage statement, watch this informative video. Looking for a little more detail? Read below for a more in-depth look at your mortgage statement. We’ve organized it by sections. Freedom Mortgage Contact Information This section of your mortgage statement provides contact information for our Customer Care team, including…