How to Use Your Home Equity – Plan a Splurge in 2019

Using Your Home's Equity in 2019 - Freedom Mortgage Blog
January 28, 2019

  Before understanding what you can do with your home equity, it’s important to understand if it’s the right time to take equity out. If you’re like most homeowners, you had to borrow money to buy your home, so you understand the importance of making on-time mortgage payments each month. Typically, in the early years of a home loan, a larger portion of your payments will cover mostly interest. The…


Consolidate Credit Card Debt and Enjoy Some New Year Peace of Mind

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January 21, 2019

Consider Using Your Home’s Equity to Pay Off Holiday Credit Card Debt with a Cash Out Refinance It’s cold, it’s quiet – it’s January. The Christmas tree is compost and the once-shiny ribbons and wrapping are long gone remnants of another happy holiday season with family and friends. With lingering memories of kids’ joyful squeals and wide-eyed loved ones expressing their thanks, we smile, pleased with ourselves that we chose…


Considering a Home Remodeling Project this Summer?

June 11, 2018

Take advantage of today’s rates to create a backyard paradise, finance an addition, or build out that home entertainment center you’ve always wanted. Cash-out refinancing has some major advantages for homeowners as mortgage loans may provide the best interest rate when you need to borrow money. Home loans also potentially offer significant tax advantages* as the interest you pay on these loans may be tax deductible. The biggest advantage is…