Will Your First Job Point You Toward a Career Path or a Dead End?

iStock 158635639 400x200 - Will Your First Job Point You Toward a Career Path or a Dead End?
March 5, 2018

5 questions to ask yourself when applying for a job after college graduation. Earning a degree is an impressive accomplishment. The learning your degree required is the precursor to launching a career, but finding the right job can be difficult and confusing. Your first job after college is a critical step toward your career path. In the rush to find a job, some forget to consider if their interests and…


The Tale of the Three Brick Layers

The Tale of the 3 Brick Layers
August 14, 2014

By Dee Grosso, Senior Vice President of Human Resources Freedom Mortgage is a great company to be working for, especially because we’re focused on major growth – and achieving big goals. At Freedom Mortgage, we are all equally involved in making the company succeed and are all working towards that one goal. It is the best way to become the industry leader we aim to be. I’d like to share…


5 Keys to Success for Every Leader

5 successful leadership traits
April 11, 2014

Freedom Mortgage recently held a leadership conference to enhance professional growth. In today’s post, we hear from leader Priya Seenath on her thoughts about what makes a successful leader. Leadership…What does leadership mean to me? Here are 5 traits I every successful leaders have: Leadership is not being afraid to lead and it’s about making a difference. Great leaders take control of their destiny and don’t leave it in the hands of…