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What does it mean when your loan is sold? | Freedom Mortgage

My loan has been “Sold.” What does that mean?

  It’s natural to wonder what it means when the servicing rights to your loan are “sold” to a new servicer. Some may even worry about this common occurrence. Have no fear, Freedom Mortgage is one of the nation’s leading servicers of home loans. Read more to learn about the important role mortgage servicers play for homeowners. Who “Services” My Loan and what’s their role? Your mortgage servicer may or…

Energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems. From Freedom Mortgage.

Should you upgrade to a “green” heating & cooling system?

  The emphasis on green energy over the last 15 years has spurred manufacturers of HVAC (or “heating, ventilation and air conditioning”) systems to up their research and development game. As a result, heating and cooling systems between 15-20 years old are now considered inefficient. The same goes for cooling units. If your AC system is more than 10 years old, you’re not getting optimum performance. Replacing your home’s current…

Energy saving tips for homeowners. From Freedom Mortgage.

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

  More and more people want to make their homes energy efficient to save money and increase the value of their houses. As a result, we have put together this list of energy saving tips. Here are small ways and big ways to save energy in your home. 1. Change your air filter Especially during heavy use seasons of winter and summer, your HVAC filter gets dirty and can slow…

What you need to know about termite inspections before you buy a home.

Termite Inspections for Home Buyers: What’s Required & Who Pays

When you are buying a house, you may be required to get a termite inspection before the lender approves your mortgage. These wood-eating insects can cause significant damage and the signs of termites are not easy to spot. There are different inspection requirements depending on the type of mortgage and the location of the home. Lenders may require an inspection in warm regions where termites are commonly found. Homebuyers usually…

Tips to Avoid Costly Home Repairs from Termites | Freedom Mortgage

Avoid costly termite damage!

Termites are a big problem. The National Pest Management Association estimates they cause more than $5 billion worth of damage each year, including structural damage so severe it can make a home unsafe. Termites eat wood floors, walls, ceilings, doors, cabinets, trim, and furniture. You often don’t know you have them until it’s too late. And homeowners insurance policies don’t cover the damage they cause. It’s important to know how…

Tips to Avoid Costly Home HVAC Repairs | Freedom Mortgage

Avoid costly HVAC system repairs!

You count on your HVAC system to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And you count on it most when the weather is the worst. Help keep your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system working dependably by following these simple tips! Replace the air filters. Dirty air filters make your HVAC work harder, which can increase your energy bills and decrease your system’s life. Check…

Tips to Avoid Costly Home Water Heater Repairs | Freedom Mortgage

Avoid costly home water heater repairs!

We often forget about our water heaters until they start leaking or the hot water in the shower runs out. The good news is that maintaining them is simple and can extend their lifespan. Get a plumber to backwash your tank by draining the water and cleaning out the sediment. Sediment build-up is a common cause of problems. Have your plumber inspect your anode rod and replace it as necessary….

Tips to Avoid Costly Home Foundation Repairs | Freedom Mortgage

Avoid costly home foundation repairs!

Foundation problems can damage your floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, plumbing, electrical wiring, heating and cooling system, and roof. Look for tell-tale signs of trouble like these and get professional help when you need it! What are the signs of foundation problems? Cracks. Hairline cracks in a foundation are common and usually not a problem. Large or horizontal cracks are different and should be inspected by a professional. Cracks in…

Tips to Avoid Costly Home Roof Repairs | Freedom Mortgage

Avoid costly home roof repairs!

A good roof is essential to every house! Your roof protects your home against everything from water stains to structural damage. Read our tips on spotting potential roof issues and on how much a new roof costs. How to check your roof for leaks Leaks are the main cause of roof repairs and replacements. Follow these steps to help keep yours in good shape. Think about getting a professional to…

Consider a convenient cash out refinance for your kitchen remodel

Consider a convenient cash out refinance for your kitchen remodel

Does your kitchen need an uplifting refresh? As one of the most highly trafficked and heavily utilized rooms in a household, the kitchen – ground-zero for groceries and great tasting goodies — has always served as the heart and hub of the home. Quick meals at the breakfast bar, after school snacks from the fridge and food prep and cleanup at least three times daily for family members, friends and…