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  • 5 Refinancing Frequently Asked Questions
  • 7 Steps to Convert Your Home Equity to Cash
Easy Home Project Tips for Winter | Freedom Mortgage

Staying Busy with In-Home Projects That May Help Beat the Winter Blues

Discover how to easily (and happily) survive the dormant season until the first signs of spring If you’re not a “winter person” and your moods tend to shift — and not in a good way — with the short days and cold, windy temps, you may find yourself yearning to ride out the next three months in a warmer climate amid azure skies, swaying palms and sandy beaches. Since slipping…

Capture - Understanding Your Monthly Mortgage Statement

Understanding Your Monthly Mortgage Statement

Your billing statement has a great deal of information to help you understand your mortgage. To get acquainted with different parts of your mortgage statement, watch this informative video. Looking for a little more detail? Read below for a more in-depth look at your mortgage statement. We’ve organized it by sections. Freedom Mortgage Contact Information This section of your mortgage statement provides contact information for our Customer Care team, including…

Slide8 TBD Twitter LinkedIn 1024x538 - Consolidate Credit Card Debt and Enjoy Some New Year Peace of Mind

Consolidate Credit Card Debt and Enjoy Some New Year Peace of Mind

Consider Using Your Home’s Equity to Pay Off Holiday Credit Card Debt with a Cash Out Refinance It’s cold, it’s quiet – it’s January. The Christmas tree is compost and the once-shiny ribbons and wrapping are long gone remnants of another happy holiday season with family and friends. With lingering memories of kids’ joyful squeals and wide-eyed loved ones expressing their thanks, we smile, pleased with ourselves that we chose…

Government Shutdown

Freedom Mortgage Offers Help to Borrowers Impacted By Federal Shutdown

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FREEDOM MORTGAGE OFFERS HELP TO BORROWERS IMPACTED BY FEDERAL SHUTDOWN Government loan leader dedicates staff to offer full range of options to assist customers, including suspending payments and waiving late fees MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. – January 09, 2019 – Freedom Mortgage, one of the nation’s largest full-service mortgage bankers and a leader in government-insured lending, is offering help to its borrowers who are struggling to make their…

2019 stan liberty uso featured 1024x529 - USO Honors Stanley C. Middleman with Chairman Award

USO Honors Stanley C. Middleman with Chairman Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE USO Honors Stanley C. Middleman with Chairman Award Freedom Mortgage reports record philanthropic efforts in 2018 Mount Laurel, NJ – January 9, 2019 – Freedom Mortgage and its founder and CEO Stanley C. Middleman were recently presented with Liberty United Service Organizations’ (USO) esteemed 2018 Chairman’s Award in honor of their service to the military community and their support of Liberty USO. The award recognizes Freedom Mortgage…

Five Big Benefits of a VA Loan | Freedom Mortgage

Five Big Benefits of a VA Loan

The Veterans Administration (VA) is especially set up to help with VA homeownership needs. Did you know the VA helps Service Members, Veterans, and eligible Surviving Spouses to become homeowners? As part of our mission to provide exceptional service to veterans, and in honor of Veteran’s Day, we’ve decided to review the five biggest benefits of VA home mortgage loans. ONE: VA Home Loans Offer No Down Payment, No Mortgage…

5 Reasons to Consider a Cash Out Refinance | Freedom Mortgage

5 Reasons to Consider a Cash Out Refinance

  When you refinance your mortgage, you get a new mortgage to replace the current one. And if you have enough equity in your home, you can do a cash-out refinance. Here are five (5) great reasons to consider doing a cash out refinance with Freedom Mortgage. Consolidate Debt Mortgages are a great option to consolidate debt. Mortgage interest rates are generally lower than credit cards and mortgage interest payments may…

3 Reasons to buy a home this fall | Freedom Mortgage

Three Reasons to Buy a Home this Fall

  While the spring and summer are considered peak seasons for home sales, the fall season presents unique opportunities for savvy homebuyers. Consider the following benefits as you shop for a home this fall. Big Savings When you buy a house, you may want to make some enhancements to put your personal touch on it to make it your home. Did you know Consumer Reports recommends homebuyers coordinate their home…

Freedom Mortgage named to Inc 5000

Freedom Mortgage named to INC. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies for sixth consecutive year

The company grew despite mortgage industry downturn MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. – September 25, 2018 – Freedom Mortgage, one of the nation’s top non-bank, full service mortgage lenders and a leader in government-insured lending, is proud to be named to the 2018 Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. 2018 marks the sixth straight year that Freedom has been named to this exclusive list. Freedom Mortgage…

Enterprise Post Temp 1200x630 1024x538 - Three Reasons Owning a Home is a Worthwhile Commitment

Three Reasons Owning a Home is a Worthwhile Commitment

After the housing bubble collapsed in 2008, many older millennials may have seen close friends or family experience financial stress. Therefore, it’s understandable why it may be difficult to make a commitment to homeownership. However, here are three good reasons why it makes sense to own your home rather than keep paying rent. Independence  When you own your own home, you make the rules. Pets, parties, guests, no problem. Owning…