How to Take Advantage of Continuing Education in the Mortgage Industry

12 7 16 mortgage continuing education - How to Take Advantage of Continuing Education in the Mortgage Industry

The Benefits of Mortgage Industry Training

There are plenty of steps you can take to continue your education and advance your career as a mortgage professional. If you need continuing education credits to fulfill license renewal requirements, or you just want to brush up on modern mortgage information and skills, consider furthering your education with specific mortgage industry training designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to move your career forward.

Here are some of the top training options for mortgage professionals and what they can do for you.

Mortgage Seminars, Trainings, Events and Conferences

Attending mortgage seminars is one of the best things you can do for the future of your business. Not only will the speakers provide you with plenty of useful information that you can apply to your own work, you’ll also be connected to industry experts and other ambitious mortgage professionals in your area. The networking potential is unparalleled, and exposure to new people and ideas can provide you with increased motivation, inspiration and engagement within your field.

During mortgage seminars, trainings and conferences, you have the freedom to ask questions and receive feedback from credible experts and deepen your understanding of critical mortgage issues. Furthermore, regular conference and seminar attendance provides timely access to current information that can help you better understand the challenges that the modern mortgage market faces. If you don’t have time to attend in person, consider signing up for online webinars or salesmanship training instead. Stay up to date on new mortgage regulations by signing up for mortgage industry newsletters.

Mortgage Certification Programs

Earning certificates or specializations can provide you with the qualifications and experience you need to grow your business as a trusted, professional resource for your clients. For example, earning a commercial or residential Certified Mortgage Broker (CMB) designation announces that you are part of an elite group of mortgage professionals that has achieved the highest level of industry success. You should also check with your state to find out which continued education courses may be required to renew your certifications.

Whether you never get tired of learning or need to continue your education to fulfill mortgage broker license requirements, these courses may provide the exact tools you need to reinvigorate your enthusiasm for your career and reach the pinnacle of professional success. Certifications and specializations you can consider include:

  • MBA/ABA certifications
  • Commercial and residential CMB
  • Specialist certifications:
    • Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP)
    • Certified Mortgage Servicer (CMS)
    • Certified Residential Underwriter (CRU)
    • Commercial Certified Mortgage Servicer (CCMS)
    • Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource (SFR)
  • Achievement and professional certificates

Overall, furthering your mortgage training keeps you at the forefront of your industry. Even if certifications aren’t required, they may help you find more success. At the very least, be sure you regularly read up on mortgage news and guidelines, which continually evolve with the market. Your clients look to you for expert advice, so it is crucial to maintain your professionalism by staying up to date with current mortgage rules and trends.

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