Quick tips to prepare your home for Thanksgiving

thanksgiving hdr - Quick tips to prepare your home for Thanksgiving

Is this your year to host the big day? Are you ready for company? Here are a few tips to quickly ready your home for your Turkey Day celebration:


If you are in a crunch for time, focus your attention on the kitchen and bathroom. Always have a clean bathroom for your guests. They will notice. Declutter the remainder of your party space. Use bedrooms as extra storage, but keep everything organized, it will appear nicer in case guests do wander into your living space.

Prepare the perfect table

The perfect table is more about preparation than decoration. Make sure you plan ahead to ensure you have enough table space, seating and place settings for all your guests. If guests are tentative, include them in your seating and cooking plans. It’s less of a hassle to take away a place setting than to add one, and any extra food means more leftovers.


Consider the flow of your party: Where are guests going to congregate when they arrive? Where are they going to relax after dinner? Will they be watching the big game? Where you position hors d’oeuvres will be the scene to start your party. Strategically set up a self-service bar for all types of drinks throughout the dinner. If your guests are football lovers, make sure you have ample seating ready by the television.


Thanksgiving decorations can be easy, quick, and inexpensive. A few pumpkins, squash, or gourds, candles, and pinecones in the right locations can set a festive autumnal scene perfect for the ambience of your dream party. Keep it simple, a few decorations can set the perfect scene without overcrowding you dinner table, leaving enough room for the food that takes center stage.

Check all of your smoke alarms

According to the National Fire Protection Association, Thanksgiving day has the most household and cooking-related fires.1 Now’s the perfect time to get into the habit of checking smoke alarms monthly2, especially since your home is more crowded than usual.

Cross tasks off your to-do list

Use Thanksgiving as an incentive to accomplish the household tasks you’ve been putting off. Do you have a loose floorboard? Lightbulbs out? Hosting an event is the perfect excuse to knock a few items off your “honey do” list.

Freedom Mortgage wishes you the warmest and most joyous Thanksgiving Feast. We hope you enjoy your home throughout the holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving!

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