How to Host a Killer Party for Sunday’s Big Game

What are you doing this Sunday? You don’t have to leave your couch to have a great time!

The big game (number XLVIII) is the perfect excuse to invite friends over, indulge in food and watch the biggest game of the year.

Before the festivities begin, create party checklist to make sure your party is touchdown success.

Here are 7 tips for a successful Big Game gathering:

  1. Coolers: Keep guests happy by placing coolers throughout the viewing room to eliminate the constant interruptions when trying to refill your beverage. Bowls and bins also work well.
  2. Drinks: Splurge on a variety of beverages to keep things interesting for everyone. Local craft beers, sodas (maybe with a borrowed Soda Stream) and water are some of the essentials.
  3. Food & Snacks: The centerpiece of any gathering; the food is crucial to a successful party. Prepare a variety of quick & easy finger foods as well as some healthier spins like a buffalo chicken salad. For a complete list of great super bowl creations, visit The Food Network.
  4. Plates, cups, and cutlery: Watching the Big Game is not the time to bring out the fancy plates and steak knives. Save yourself the panic of a broken dish and use older plates and cups. Use a dishwasher for an easy cleanup – plus, it’s more energy efficient.
  5. Decorations: Get your guests in the Super Bowl spirit and decorate for the big event. Stores like Party City are great for football themed items. Decorate in your favorite team’s colors or mix it up with both teams.
  6. Seating: There can never been too much seating at a Super Bowl party. Get creative with chairs around the TV so everyone feels like they have the best seat in the house. Guests can also bring lawn chairs, collapsible chairs, blankets and pillows to make sure they are comfortable.
  7. Last-minute Stock-up Checklist: Although the basics are covered, a few items are often overlooked. Make sure you to stock up on enough ice for the coolers. Have a few visible trash and recycle bins around the house so guests can help with the clean up process. Household towels help with twist-offs and bottle openers to open the beer.


Readers, what does your Sunday game day party check list look like?

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