Gift Guide for the Pet Owner

Have a pet lover on your holiday list? Getting a gift for their animal always wins in their hearts (and their animal’s affection!)

Help the pet owner spoil their favorite critters this holiday season with these gift ideas!

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8 Gift Ideas for the Pet Owner

1. The Cat Owner’s Manual. Indulge in a humorous guide to help the owner understanding their cat with step-by-step instructions and labeled diagrams. Dog owners won’t feel left out with a matching guide.

2. Huge Wooly Bone.  Throw a dog a bone and make the owner smile. The canine pals are sure to love this oversized plush dog toy that squeaks! Just make sure to bring earplugs in case the dog gets too excited…

3. Whisker City Turbo Scratcher. Have a friend with a living room that looks like scratch city? Give them this cat scratcher that will keep their cat entertained for hours and protect the furniture.

4. TRIXIE’s Baza Cat Hammock. A scratch and relax suitable for cat royalty, and hopefully to keep the felines off of their master’s counters. What makes it even more purrrrfect is a dangling pom-pom toy!

5. 101 Fun Things to Do with Your Dog. Know a dog owner who is always hiking or being active with their dog? The “101 Fun Things” book offers tricks, games, sports and other playtime activities tailored for each breed.

6. Disney Pet Halloween Dot Pajamas. Although Halloween has passed, these PJ’s will keep canine friends warm for the winter. See if they have similar PJ’s for adults so you can buy a matching set for the owner.

7. Petlinks Dragon Flyer Wand. Another toy for your kitty-cat and owner to grant some quality play time. Bonus for your green-minded friends: This toy wand is made of recycled materials.

8. Therapeutic Dog Couch. Dog owners will have more couch space with a large doggie couch for their best friend.

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