4 Tips for Updating Foyers and Entryways

Your home’s exterior appearance is the first thing that visitors notice. But guests don’t really experience your home until they step inside. That experience may greatly influence their perception of your property.

Here are four tips for updating your entryways. These ideas may help you impress guests and prospective home buyers.

  1. Flooring.
    Don’t use wall-to-wall carpeting in an entryway. Better choices include tile, slate, linoleum and hardwood flooring, as they are quickly and easily cleaned. This will minimize the amount of outside dirt that gets tracked inside.
  1. Ample lighting.
    No one likes coming into a dark house during a bright, sunny day. Adding stylish and functional lighting fixtures can improve the look of the space. Installing small windows can also effectively illuminate a foyer. Incorporating a few outdoor lanterns or solar-powered lights along the walkway can provide a sophisticated aesthetic to residential properties.

  1. Abundant storage.
    While most homeowners don’t want their foyers to become overrun with clutter, adding a small table or console, as well as hooks or shelves, can improve the appearance of an entryway. Old lockers or cubbies from educational institutions can be repurposed as storage for young families, providing more space to hold rain gear and seasonal garments.

  1. Full-length mirror.
    In addition to making a room look larger, mirrors invite guests to check out their personal appearance. While a full-length mirror allows a full view, smaller mirrors can also be used if there are existing space constraints.

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