6 Ways to Green your Christmas & Holidays at Home

Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner! On top of all of the Christmas cheer, households also increase their energy consumptions over this festive season.

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, a household’s consumption increases by 25% according to MNN. This includes food waste, gifts, packaging and more. Don’t fear, readers: there’s ways you can save energy around the holiday.

Here are 6 ways to save energy around Christmas & the holidays:

  1. Switch the LED lights around the tree and for the menorah.
  2. Reuse where possible. Try reusing gift bags, wrapping paper and fresh flowers for bows/gifts instead of purchasing cheap plastic alternatives.
  3. Buy a real tree over the PVC-filled artificial ones, which often include lead and other toxins.
  4. Purchase wiser gifts for loved ones. Rather than purchasing a candle or decorations for one’s home, try getting something your recipient can use again and again for their home or pet.
  5. Try carpooling when running holiday errands or going to multiple stores in one trip. You’ll save gas for your car.
  6. Shop from local artisans and providers. When you spend money on a local company, $73 of every $100 spent stays in the community.

Readers, what are you doing to green your holidays?