Can’t trick or treat in your neighborhood? Try one of these tips!

halloween 2017 Freedom Mortgage HDR - Can’t trick or treat in your neighborhood? Try one of these tips!

If trick or treating around your neighborhood isn’t an option, it may be time to start a new Halloween tradition. Try one of the suggestions below for a safe and fun trick or treating experience for the kids.

  • Visit Friends or Family: If a friend or family member lives in a neighborhood that’s great for trick or treating, Halloween might be the perfect time for a visit! Your children can spend time with loved ones while exploring a different neighborhood. #neighborhoodhopping
  • Trunk or Treating: These fun events sprout up in parking lots across America. Some participants go to the extreme when decorating their cars, and the best events create a magical scene that spellbinds kids and adults alike. Children move from one car to another gathering treats. A quick online search should tell you where to locate an event near you.
  • Community-Sponsored Trick or Treating Days: Some neighborhoods host daytime trick or treating on weekends near Halloween. Town-sponsored events usually take place in communities that embrace the Halloween spirit.
  • Local Attractions: Getting dressed up can be fun for kids and adults, so it’s worth checking if local attractions such as amusement parks, zoos, or museums are open on or near Halloween.
  • Other options: In some areas, local malls, schools (including colleges) or nursing homes provide a chance to dress up and trick or treat in a fun, safe environment.