4 Ways a Master Closet Can Transform Your Home

Including a master closet is a recent trend among homeowners looking to make property modifications that improve quality of life while enhancing a home’s resale value. Typically connected to the master bedroom, this type of closet creates a dressing area as well as more space to store and display garments.

A master closet adds a sophisticated design element to a home and can also heighten its appeal to first-time homebuyers.

Here are four ways to build a master closet that can transform your home:

  1. Provide adequate ventilation.
    Clothes which are in storage for extended periods of time often harbor moisture and odors, causing the air in smaller closets to smell stale. Installing ventilation in a master closet can help keep clean air circulating and garments smelling fresh. This also helps clothes last longer, as the fabrics are kept in better condition while not in use.
  2. Feature ample lighting.
    Traditionally, closets are interior rooms without windows. Including ample lighting in a master closet makes a statement. One option is to install recessed lights in the ceiling. You can also add attractive fixtures to illuminate the space while adding a stylish quality. The lighting scheme should cast few shadows on the clothes and provide individuals with the ability to easily find specific garments.
  3. Add a washer and dryer.
    A growing number of homeowners have decided to run electricity, water and gas lines up to their master closets to make laundry facilities more convenient to use. Installing stacked washers and dryers requires little space and enables you to wash and dry your clothes in the same area where they are stored.
  4. Set aside an area for folding.
    You can include a portable folding surface or incorporate a permanent island counter to create the space needed to fold clean clothes within the master closet. This improves the convenience of the room while improving the organization of the layout.

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