Concrete Flooring: An Unusual Alternative

Though linoleum, tiling, carpeting and hardwood flooring are the traditional materials used in many American households, homeowners are discovering the convenience and attractiveness of concrete flooring. It’s an inexpensive option that is available in a variety of styles.

Here are several types of concrete flooring worth considering:

Stained. Using different types of acids and other non-toxic chemicals, you can create a unique, multi-color pattern on your floor that can enhance the overall look of a room. Adding a layer of clear resin can preserve the design and give the surface a polished, professional appearance. Staining floors throughout a residence can create a cohesive look and provide a consistent color scheme throughout all living spaces.

Scored. After pouring a concrete floor and smoothing out rough patches, a residential construction professional can use various tools to integrate geometric decorations into the floor. Scoring allows you to personalize your flooring, as patterns can be added to the surface, including typography and images.

Painted. Similar to staining, you can customize your floor and seal the design afterward with a clear coat. Paint can be used to make the concrete look like many other different surfaces. An experienced professional can use paint and epoxy to fabricate the appearance of hardwood or tiling and incorporate a number of design elements.

Concrete floors offer homeowners many advantages. They are resistant to moisture, easy to clean and allow for substantial personalization.

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