Customer Care Food Drive Helps Those in Need

The Customer Care department within Freedom Mortgage Servicing is dedicated to helping borrowers, especially those in need following a hardship. The group’s supportive spirit extended beyond borrowers when they recently organized a food drive to help nonprofits in both Fishers Indiana and South Jersey provide food for children in those communities.

Many children in low-income homes receive an average of one meal a day, which generally comes from school. Shaun Monthie, Senior Vice President of Servicing Customer Care at Freedom Mortgage, did not like the thought of children missing meals when school is not in session – and he was determined to do something about it.

With contributions from other departments within Freedom Mortgage, including Cashiering, Loss Mitigation and Correspondence & Research, the Customer Care team collected the following:

More than 3,000 items donated to the Wheeler-Dowe Boys and Girls Club in Fishers, IN

More than 1,800 items donated to the Food Bank of South Jersey

One Good Deed Deserves Another

While this is Customer Care’s most recent campaign to donate food, it is not the first. The team regularly coordinates food drives for those in need, because giving is just part of what they like to do.

As a nationwide lender, Freedom Mortgage has offices in many states across the country. We are dedicated to supporting the communities in which we do business. It’s part of our mission and our culture. For more information, visit

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