11 Unique Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

This Sunday is the day to celebrate your father. Try changing up the tradition from the annual barbecue in exchange for something different.

Whether your Dad is near or far, we have several ways to make your father feel special.

Here are 11 unique ideas to celebrate Father’s Day:

  1. Start a Father’s Day Tradition. Get Dad’s day off to a great start by  leaving cards and photos around the house with your favorite memories of him.
  2. DIY Beer tasting. Visit a local bottle shop and select a 6-pack of microbrews. Serve is smaller glasses and give th family a little taste of each.
  3. iPhone addicted father? This handy carrying case can stash a few of his essentials so he doesn’t have to worry about anything else falling out of his pocket.
  4. Dad’s meal choice. Does Dad live far away? Send over a gift card from a restaurant or menu service like GrubHub, were he can order his favorite meal.
  5. Host your own World Cup. Your father doesn’t have to be a soccer fanatic to enjoy a little competition on Sunday. Whether you have a Croquet set or baseball, challenge your family to an elimination tournament of your own.
  6. Time for S’mores! Celebrate Father’s day with a backyard campfire in the evening, complete with s’mores. Step up the game by mixing marshmallows with gourmet ice creams.
  7. Plan a movie night. Is Dad a movie buff? Grab a few types of popcorn, trail mix, a few movies from Redbox or Netflix and dim the lights for a family-friendly movie.
  8. Let his inner nerd out. If Dad used to frequent arcades as a teenager, bring him a piece of youth back by visiting a local game center or renting an entertainment system for the day.
  9.  Do your own personal toast. Share the things you admire most about your Father with a toast at the family celebration.
  10. Celebrate creatively .  Write your Dad a poem or even a song – and perform it.  He’s won’t judge the performance, just have a great memory
  11. Create a Dad’s indulgence basket.  Fill a basket with his favorites snacks, crossword puzzle books, DVDs  or anything else he loves.

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