when should you start shopping for a mortgage?
If you are looking to purchase a home, you may be wondering when you should begin looking for a mortgage. In today’s market, a seller may not even consider an offer unless the buye[...]
McMansions and massive spaces are a thing of the past. A trend brought on by the financial crisis and the era of green living calls for homes that are smaller, simpler, and easier [...]
Cut Total Mortgage Interest Paid by Refinancing
Freedom Mortgage CEO Stan Middleman was quoted in the recent National Mortgage News Article, “Fourth Quarter Business Depends on the Fed”. An excerpt from the article: [...]
feeding america
Freedom Mortgage is humbled by the opportunity to help end hunger and support Feeding America. Feeding America, the world’s largest hunger relief program strives to feed America’s [...]
A number of advantages are afforded to first time home buyers, including loans with favorable features and competitive FHA mortgage rates.[...]
What’s going on with the housing industry and market? Our CEO Stan Middleman was interviewed with Housing Wire: With August existing-home sales up 1.7% on a monthly basis, ma[...]
Adding to the habitable square-footage of a home can financially advantage property owners, as well as make a more attractive sale to prospective first time home buyers, for a numb[...]
In order to prevent senior citizens from falling victim to predatory lending, consider working closely with them to find the best deals and adhering to the following guidelines.[...]
5 ways to break the ice with new neighbors
Moving to a new neighborhood isn’t always easy, no matter what your age. What can you do to meet your neighbors? Here are five ways to break the ice: Smile. Don’t overlook the smal[...]
ARM vs fixed rate mortgage
Many homebuyers carefully compare multiple properties before putting in an offer on a new home. Wise consumers also spend a good amount of time evaluating mortgage options before c[...]
stay healthy at work
Did you know that if you spend less than 3 hours each day sitting down, you could increase your life expectancy by two years? USA Today reports that standing up at your desk or mov[...]
split level house
Are you looking for your new home? When on the house hunt, you’ll come across many varieties of homes. Are you confused about what they all mean? Try thinking outside the box about[...]
home decor trends fall 2013
Whether you are purchasing a home and looking to create a stylish impact in a space soon to be your own or already yours, there are four important trends that have found their way [...]
First time home buyers should remember to request a thorough cleaning before moving into a new property, and owners of existing homes should looks to clean these area regularly.[...]
mortgage news
US mortgage levels declined this week, at an average of 4.51% for a 30-year loan according to Seattle Pi. The 15-year average fixed mortgage rate is currently at 3.54%. Although mo[...]
Interested in an FHA refinance loan? Painting your house can be a great way to raise your home's value, and increase the curb appeal and longevity of your home.[...]
Today, crowds in Washington DC are celebrating freedom and remembering Reverend Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a Dream” speech. A crowd of 20,000 is expected for the event today. [...]
college savings
Going to college can be daunting. On top of class work, many new college students also face the challenge of confronting financial independence. There is no magical formula that st[...]
USO freedom mortgage backpack drive
Freedom Mortgage employees recently donated 127 backpacks to the military families on behalf of the United Service Organization (USO). For a two week period in August, Freedom Mort[...]
reading corner august
Happy Friday, reading corner friends. We hope you were able to enjoy your week and the full moon on Tuesday evening! Summer is winding down as children are prepping for the school [...]
tips to child proof your home
Keeping children safe and protected in the outside world is important. But some of the biggest dangers may be lurking in your own home. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a [...]
home value pets
“Does the owner have pets?” This is a question prospective buyers might ask when touring a house. Potential homebuyers may be hesitant to purchase a home that has previously been s[...]
If the following pests are identified within a residential house, first time home buyers should take immediate action toward expelling them - and ensuring their property is safegua[...]
mortgage news
US mortgage applications fell to the lowest level in a month last week according to Mortgage Bankers Association and reported by Reuters. Both the refinancing and purchase demand s[...]