Tips for Updating Foyers and Entryways
Individuals who obtain residential financing in the form of an FHA mortgage or VA loan can benefit by utilizing the following tips for updating their house's foyer.[...]
Back to Black: Debunking 5 Paint Myths
Paint trends have changed over the past few years. Traditionally, it was popular for people to paint their interiors using creams and whites. Blues and grays began exploding in pop[...]
Customizing mailboxes
Using residential financing, such as an FHA mortgage or VA home loans, there are a number of approaches those individuals looking to enhance the look of their property's mailbox ca[...]
healthy lunch work
It can be difficult to breathe during the work week, let alone take a proper lunch break. Planning and packing lunches can be almost impossible for some professionals. However, eat[...]
CEO Stanley Middleman Featured in Burlington County Times
Freedom Mortgage CEO & President Stanley Middleman was quoted in National Mortgage News. National Mortgage News discussed why mortgage lenders and servicers are outsourcing the[...]
Concrete Flooring: An Unusual Alternative
Those looking to install a concrete floor in their house may benefit by utilizing the the following design ideas, possibly seeing a heightened property price and increase interest [...]
Tax Tip
Before you start preparing your taxes, make sure you gather all the necessary documents. Keep all information that comes in the mail such as W-2s, 1099s and bank or mortgage statem[...]
5 steps to collecting art
You have the house and furniture. You are in tune with your tastes and want to add interest to your surroundings. You don’t need a home decorator: All it takes is a few pieces or w[...]
Tax Tip
Did you change your name since the last tax season? According to the IRS, the name on your tax return MUST match your Social Security Administration (SSA) records. Tax tip to save [...]
CEO Stanley Middleman Featured in Burlington County Times
The Burlington County Times featured Freedom Mortgage CEO and President Stanley Middleman yesterday. Middleman addresses topics including the housing collapse, business and his phi[...]
host a party for sunday's big game
What are you doing this Sunday? You don’t have to leave your couch to have a great time! The big game (number XLVIII) is the perfect excuse to invite friends over, indulge in food [...]
3 Cost-Effective Upgrades for Your Newly-Built Home
The following modifications can increase the quality of living for current homeowners and possibly bring a heightened sale price if the house is ever listed on the area real estate[...]
keep home warm
Hi there, Freedom Mortgage Reading Corner readers! Snow and another polar vortex has returned to much of the East Coast, so we’re ready to huddle around a fire and stay warm [...]
snow day
Winters are notoriously known for bad weather and snow days, but this winter season has seen extremes in polar vortex temperatures and snowfall. For children, snow days are an excu[...]
Does your home need a dash of personality? Do you want your home to convey a certain vibe? Are you on a budget? Do you like to play with color? If you answered “yes” to any of thes[...]
CEO Stanley Middleman Featured in Burlington County Times
Mortgage Professional America (MPA) Magazine’s  December 2013 edition featured two of the Freedom Mortgage executive team members. Freedom[...]
2014 new years resolution
Staying physically fit is important. But what about your financial health? Here are seven tips on how to manage your money. Create a savings plan. Whether you’re saving money to pu[...]
New Years Resolutions
The New Year is traditionally a time when folks set personal goals like dieting or starting an exercise routine. However, have you considered coming up with resolutions for improvi[...]
CEO Stanley Middleman Featured in Burlington County Times
Freedom Mortgage had many achievements and great events in 2013. Let’s take a walk through memory lane as we recollect this year’s highlights. January 2013 Freedom Mortgage announc[...]
end of year 2013 mortgage news
From the government shutdown, Royal baby & Breaking Bad finale, 2013 was an eventful year. As 2013 comes to a close, we see endless reviews of year-end lists. Here’s the [...]
Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner! On top of all of the Christmas cheer, households also increase their energy consumptions over this festive season. From Than[...]
In order to get a better idea of the condition of the house that you hope to buy, and receive an accurate estimation of a fair asking price, consider enlisting a qualified real est[...]
First time home buyers looking to heighten their newly acquired home's worth can benefit from obtaining an FHA loan to finance the work, and incorporating the following tips for ke[...]
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